Open to see you in-person and virtually

I am able to see patients for face to face appointments as well as via video-link. The important thing is not to put off seeking help for any injuries, or aches and pains you may have. I am here to hep you so please contact me and we can decide together what would work best for you right now.

I am working in accordance with current Covid-19 guidelines, you can find full detailshere (pdf).

Do contact me if you'd like to discuss any symptoms or any concerns you have as I am still able to help you via virtual assessment too - more info here.

How do you want to feel?

Sarah is a specialist women’s and men’s health physiotherapist, yoga teacher and health and wellbeing coach. She offers an integrated approach to assessment, treatment, movement and the breath, providing a safe and supported environment for you to recover.

"As a physiotherapist I assess, diagnose and treat injuries, aches and pains so you can get back to doing the activities you enjoy."

Sarah with rolled yoga mat

Sarah works with you to help you understand the causes behind your symptoms; how your body responds, how you move, and then designs a personalised rehabilitation programme combining manual therapy: - massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, and activity:- Yoga, Pilates, strength resistance and stability work. To help you return from injury and maintain your health and wellbeing going forward.

"As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist I help you feel calmer, less stressed or anxious, more flexible and stronger."

Sarah starts by assessing your breath patterns and how you move. Her aim is to maintain and improve how you breathe to help you feel more in control, to link this to how you move to stay strong and flexible. The benefits of connecting with our breath, body and mind are now well documented – and can help you feel better and perform better: giving your overworked nervous system a break from the constantly connected world we live in. Even 5 minutes a day can make a difference.

"It's all about you."

Her approach is to encourage and motivate you (or gently push you!) to take a more active role in looking after your own health and wellbeing. The results are worth it. She works to develop an effective and realistic programme taking into account the time you have available, your goals, what you like to do – or don’t want to do…

"I use a combination of the science and evidence of physiotherapy, the mind and body connection of yoga, coaching techniques and some good old common sense!"

Sarah looking casual


Musculoskeletal injuries and pain
Specialist women’s and men’s health treatment
Complex pelvic pain
Menopause support
Post -natal care

Sarah in Lotus


Physiotherapy led yoga classes and 1-2-1 yoga session
Combining the best of yoga and eastern science with physiotherapy knowledge of anatomy and movement to offer safe, effective and challenging classes.

sarah looking slightly more formal


Presentations, seminars and workshops on current physical and mental health and wellbeing issues nationally and internationally.