Continuing to help you feel better

Sarah looking relaxed

How are you feeling? In these challenging times you may feel you can’t access help or treatment for your aches and pains, or for any pelvic floor issues you may have – continued or new.

But whether you’ve done too much online exercise with the kids, or you’re feeling concerned about continence or prolapse symptoms you can still get help, there is so much as physiotherapists that we do to help that is not “hands on”.

I am offering video consultations, of course it’s not quite as good as seeing you in person but seeing you on screen – and being able to look at how you're moving and how you’re feeling can all be done effectively.

What happens in a video consultation?

We discuss the history of your aches and pains – what and where you have pain or discomfort, symptoms, how your symptoms change at different times of the day.

I may also ask about previous injuries and concerns if you’re a brand-new patient.

I look at how you are moving, how you are breathing – are you holding your breath? (a common thing we all do when feeling anxiety – and this may not be helping your symptoms) Do you have any restrictions. This helps me start to build a picture of what’s not working as well as it should and could.

From here we devise a plan together to help you, that will include information about what is happening; how injuries heal, how breathing and other systems affect our pain levels and continence as well as your anxiety, exercises and movement to help you regain function and get back to what you want to be doing ( be that safely inside!).

It’s stressful enough managing the current situation, but you don’t need to add managing aches and pains or pelvic floor symptoms to your list.

I’m offering 45-minute sessions for £40 and 60 minutes for £55.

After your session I will send you a copy of your exercises and we can arrange follow ups as needed.

If you are feeling a little out of sorts ( who isn’t!) or want more input on effective movement, I am also offering online yoga classes; 1-2-1 or for small groups. We’ve had lots of fun with these so far. There are many benefits; safe movement, using the breath and our intention to distract ourselves a little from all of the noise and news, ending with a lovely guided relaxation.

Stay safe, stay well and maintain social distancing by looking after your health via video consultation. Contact me at, or call me on 07939 539 438.