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Sarah is a specialist women and men's health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist. She combines this knowledge together with her background in personal training and yoga to help her manage her patient's rehabilitation and recovery.

Her approach is to treat your current symptoms, but also to understand and treat the underlying causes of your pain and injury, assessing the whole person; including lifestyle, activity, nutrition, work and stress levels.

Sarah has taken additional study in:

She is passionate about helping women and men stay strong, active and healthy at all life stages and currently runs womens' workshops and coaching programme to help women manage and thrive during and after menopause.

Initial assessment · 1 hour · £85

Musculoskeletal conditions

Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for injuries and problems including lower back pain, hip, knee or shoulder pain.

Injuries from sports whether you’re competing or more the weekend warrior type, aches and pains from your general activities or just overdoing it.

Getting back to activity; developing a safe, phased and effective rehabilitation programme just for you.

Women's health physiotherapy

Treatment for pelvic pain, pelvic floor problems including stress or urinary incontinence - leaking when you run or jump. It’s not normal and physiotherapy can help.

Moving through menopause

Women's health physiotherapy

The Mummy MoT

Pre-natal aches and pains: pelvic girdle pain (PGP), pregnancy related back pain

A specialist post-natal assessment for all women following delivery – whether it's 6 weeks or 6 years after having your baby, to help you get as much care and attention as your little one!

Mummy MOT · £105

Men's health physiotherapy

Support and treatment for prostate cancer: physiotherapy can help with some of the common problems post-surgery – incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for pelvic pain: - men, you have a pelvic floor too, and it’s not normal to leak, or have pain and weakness in this area even as we age; specialist men’s health physiotherapy can help.

Using ultrasound as a biofeedback technique treatment is non-invasive and you can see results quickly.

Cancer rehabilitation

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After cancer treatment it can be difficult to know what is ok and safe to do. Cancer rehabilitation physiotherapy can help and support with returning to your activities and hobbies.

Your movement may be limited, and your body feeling stiff and tight. You may be feeling tired or low in energy.

Cancer rehabilitation can help you get moving again, in a safe way, working at your pace.

With a personalised 1-2-1 programme that includes manual therapy, advice on diet, nutrition and sleep as well as an exercise plan to help you get back to being you.


Initial assessment · 1 hour · £85
Follow up · 1 hour · £85, 45 mins · £70
Yoga therapy · 1 hour · £60